Streetlight Manifesto Live In Philadelphia (10/18/15)


Long time no see friends!  After a busy few weeks (weddings, traveling, not getting to see Dillinger Four because of the forementioned reasons…) and a hectic weekend, I headed out to Philly’s Electric Factory on a whim this past Sunday in order to see Streetlight Manifesto.  I got there late and unfortunately missed almost all of Dan Potthast’s set except for his song about the Baltimore Ravens.

I was pretty surprised how packed the venue was for a ska show on a late Sunday night, I didn’t know people (especially younger kids) were still really into my beloved ska.  But I was surrounded by kids in pork pie hats, checkerboard patterns, and plenty of suits like it was 2001 all over again.

Now I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical about going to this show at first because the last time I saw them I didn’t have the greatest time.  Not so much because of the band themselves (although they sort of loss me after all the cover albums they released) but the show was just nothing like when I used to see them years ago since their inception.  But I decided to not be an old grumpy curmudgeon, go anyway, and just have no expectations either way.

Streetlight took the stage, and opened with “With Any Sort Of Certainty” off of their latest The Hands That Thieves and in typical Streetlight Manifesto fashion, kept stage banter to a complete minimum as they blasted out their ska ballads.  A pretty big pit opened up in the center, with plenty of people singing along and plenty of side pits opened for those of us who wanted to skank (including yours truly).

One thing that has always been true of Tomas Kalnoky and crew are that they put on an incredibly tight performance with little room for error.  They are all skilled musicians, and Tomas is one of the most skilled song writers around, and it shows through their live show.  Playing a nice mix of all three of their LPs, it was strange to see the juxtaposition of the reactions, with younger kids going nuts off their newer stuff while us older fans getting more excited for songs off Everything Goes Numb.  Definitely a fun set, I’m still store a few days later.

With Any Sort Of Certainty
The Three Of Us
Down, Down, Down To Mephisto’s Cafe
What A Wicked Gang Are We
Forty Days
We Will Fall Together
We Are The Few
A Better Place, A Better Time
Toe To Toe
The Hands That Thieve
If And When We Rise Again
Watch It Crash
A Moment Of Silence
A Moment Of Violence
Big Sleep

Here’s To Life
Somewhere In The Between

Streetlight Manifesto – Somewhere in the Between

But They Gave It To Me So I Might As Well Be Proud Of It:
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Hub City Stompers – Life After Death
Darkbuster – 22 Songs You’ll Never Want To Hear Again
Mustard Plug – Can’t Contain It

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