The Menzingers Live In Philadelphia (10/23/15)

Menzingers OX
Photo by Blake Larson

The Menzingers certainly have exploded over the years, long gone are the days of catching them in a South Philly basement as proven by the 2 night nearly sold out back to back shows they had over at Union Transfer.  I headed over to Union Transfer right after MeWithoutYou finished their set.

A decent amount of people bounced after MeWithoutYou, but plenty stuck around for the mid-tempo punk of The Menzingers.  Taking the stage and opening with “Good Times” off On The Impossible Past, the band played a tight set with minimal stage banter as they ripped through songs off mostly their OTIP and Rented World.

I was a bit worried as to how it would be seeing them behind a barricade and in such a big room, since I’m used to seeing them in smaller venues, but to my surprise they didn’t seem out of place at all.  With plenty of people singing along and decent sized pit throughout their set, it was definitely a fun show.  The new songs off Rented World translate really well live, and they threw in some older ones for us older fans.

Good Times
My Friend Kyle
I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
Bad Things
Nice Things
Sunday Morning
The Talk
I Can’t Seem To Tell
Burn After Writing
Time Tables
Who’s Your Partner
Where Your Heartache Exists
In Remission

Ava House

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The Menzingers – Rented World
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