Mean Jeans, Nancy, Ruby Buff Live In Philly (11/6/15)

mean jeans flyer

Last Friday, I headed out to Philly’s warehouse/house Second Empire to catch one of my favorite Ramones-worship punk bands around, Mean Jeans.  I’ve never been to Second Empire before, but it was a pretty sweet spot that reminded me of Philly’s old Ox, but with more punk studs everywhere (including doors).  Unfortunately I missed both Teenage Chainsaw and Dark Thoughts, two of my friend’s very solid Philly bands that I really was hoping to catch, but Dark Thoughts were just finishing up as I got there.

Ruby Buff:

RubyBuffI’ve never heard of Ruby Buff before, but the Philly 3-piece played punk rock influenced power pop.  Playing your typical 3 chord punk rock with less distortion and a bit more experimental sounds including some new wave and indie influences, they reminded me a bit of bands like Radiator Hospital and Chumped.  Playing to a pretty packed converted garage with a stage, plenty of people seemed to be digging their punk-pop set.

Another band I’ve never heard before this show, I have to say that NYC’s Nancy completely blew me away.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the dressed up in mexican wrestler costumed duo took the stage.  With just guitars and drums, the shared vocal duty duo launched into some good old fashioned 70s style punk rock pulling plenty of influences from The Dickies, New York Dolls, and countless more.  With incredibly catchy riffs, humor, and a high energy set, these two dudes put on a hell of a live show.

Mean Jeans:
I’ve been a fan of the Portland punks ever since they came out with “Are You Serious” a few years back, and their show last year with Kepi Ghoulie at the Golden Tea House was seriously one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to so I was pretty stoked to be seeing them again.

The band took the stage to immediate sound problems with the guitar cutting out during the first song which resulted in them stopping, but that didn’t deter anyone because as soon as they fixed the issues we immediately were shouting along and pogo-ing.

Keeping stage banter to a minimum, Mean Jeans let their music speak for itself with their lyrics about partying, space, and rock and roll.  Definitely a solid time, Mean Jeans are constantly an incredible live band, and it was awesome seeing them in a small space like this again.  With them signing to Fat Wreck, who knows how big they’re going to blow up so go party with them while you have the chance.

Life On Mars
Slime Time
Steve Don’t Party No More
Ready 2 Rip
Party Animal
Forever In Mean Jeans (I think they did this one)
Case Race
Anybody Out There
Let’s Pogo B4 U Gogo
DUI Checkpoint

Mean Jeans – Rats Roaches And Jeans
Nancy – I Want One
Mean Jeans – Are You Serious

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