Dead Milkmen Live In Wilmington, DE (5/20/16)


Last Friday after I headed to a Philadelphia Union game, I realized that The Dead Milkmen were playing only 10 minutes away from the stadium over at Delaware’s Bar XIII.  My girlfriend and I decided to try and go on a whim.  We got to the bar and it was completely sold out, but luckily we were able to get two tickets.

We missed the first few songs (including one of my favorite’s Dean’s Dream), but made it inside right as the Dead Milkmen started playing the opening chords to their fan favorite “Punk Rock Girl”.  Now I’ve seen The Dead Milkmen a handful of times, playing plenty of non-traditional shows such as a free afternoon show in a park to an acoustic set in a library, and I have to say it was good to see them in a grungy intimate small dive bar.

The Dead Milkmen were incredibly energetic, with Rodney Anonymous bouncing all around as they ripped through their quirky punk classics.  Going through the favorites, the band took some time to pause and tell a few stories, joking during their intro of “Bitchin Camaro” where Joe kept trying to get to the song by asking “What type of car did you come here in” but Rodney completely avoiding the question for an impressive amount of time.  One of the best moments was when the band announced they would be playing a cover of an American blues artist who pretty much shaped the hardcore scene, before launching into The Smith’s “How Soon Is Now”.

While the majority of their set consisted of their more popular punk songs, the end of their set included a lot more of their “psychedelic” songs.  A fun show as always, these Philly legends always put on an entertaining and energetic set.

Pretty Music For Pretty People
Dean’s Dream
Punk Rock Girl
Serrated Edge
Methodist Coloring Book
Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog
Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song
Anthropology Days
Prisoner’s Cinema
Bitchin Camaro
Beach Party Vietnam
Smoking Banana Peels
How Soon Is Now (Smiths cover)
Welcome To Undertown
Dance With Me
Helicopter Interiors
Tiny Town
If You Love Someone, Set Them Fire
Life Is Shit
Beige Sunshine
Thing That Only Eats Hippies
Surfin Cow
Jellyfish Heaven
The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell
Two Feet Off The Ground

Dead Milkmen – If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire

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