Gorilla Biscuits At This Is Hardcore Live In Philadelphia (8/6/16)

(video by aouoon)

Yeah I know I know, this post is waaaay overdue, but I was injured with a concussion shortly after the show, and haven’t been allowed to look at screens because concussions are fucking boring and you seriously can’t do anything (I’m still not really supposed to use them long, so I will be keeping this post pretty short).

I never got to see Gorilla Biscuits before, even though I’ve been listening to these NY hardcore legends for many years now.  I tried a few summers ago up in NYC when they played a free show in Brooklyn, but the show was at capacity very early on and I didn’t get in (extra slap in the face they were playing with the Bouncing Souls).  The Electric Factory was pretty packed out for the Gorilla Biscuits, and new to the Electric Factory was a huge barrier in the middle of the venue, separating the people who wanted to dance from those concerned about spilling their drinks.  Unfortunately because of this barrier, there wasn’t any room whatsoever for a pit, so they were incredibly short lived as they were filled with people the second anyone made any space.

The second the Gorilla Biscuits took the stage and opened with the trumpet from their call to arms “New Direction”, the stage dives were in full force.  The band ripped through their classics as the crowd yelled along with each song and played an incredibly tight set.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the controversy with singer Civ’s introduction of “Degradation”, a song that ripped into the neo-nazis of the 1980s punk scene.  He opened the song saying “In 2016 people still have to wear shirts that say ‘Black Lives Matter’. No shit. Brown, white, yellow, black, we all fucking matter. Everybody here matters. Do not let the media, schools, institutions, influence you. We are one family, one people.”  Some people took offense to this saying he was putting down Black Lives Matter, and the internet exploded with people blasting Gorilla Biscuits and swearing them off as a band.

This is completely ridiculous in my opinion.  I didn’t take the message as “fuck black lives matter” as much as a message of unity saying it’s 2016 and it’s pathetic that racism is still so prevalent that this is still necessary that we need to remind people of this.  We’re all the same, and we should be treating people as equals.  He might not have used the best phrasing (I think the whole “we all matter” was mistaken by some for the idiot’s rally cry “all lives matter”), but you have to look at the context.  Civ and the Gorilla Biscuits throughout the years have always preached unity through their lyrics, and he was clearly trying to preach that message of unity before a song about kicking racists out of the scene.  The phrasing may not be the most eloquent, but the good intentions (pun definitely intended) were there.  Personally I’ll continue to support BLM and also Gorilla Biscuits.

All in all, a tight show.  Only wish there was enough room to dance, not sure why the barrier splitting the crowds were so close.  But the Gorilla Biscuits killed it, and I look forward to hopefully seeing them again.

New Direction
Stand Still
Things We Say
High Hopes
Good Intentions
Big Mouth
No Reason Why
Sitting Around At Home
Biscuit Power
Hold Your Ground
Two Sides
Do Something (Civ cover)
Minor Threat (Minor Threat cover)
No Reason Why
Cats And Dogs
Start Today

Gorilla Biscuits – High Hopes

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