The Buzzcocks Live In Philly (9/30/16)

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So over the past two months, I’ve been out of commission with a pretty sweet case of Post Concussive Syndrome, which not only has me have incredibly limited screen time (hence the lack of updates here), it also has had me miss plenty of shows since I’m struggling with being in areas with too much stimulation and what not.  However, there was no chance in hell that I was going miss The Buzzcocks when they came around Philly, concussion be damned.

On their 40 year anniversary tour, The Buzzcocks have been one of the most influential punk bands around with their pop-punk, often snarky songs about love and life.  I got to Philly’s TLA right as they were still setting up, and while not sold out, the place was pretty packed.  These UK punks took the stage opening with “Boredom”, off of their debut EP Spiral Scratch and ripped through a relatively quick set consisting of songs spanning entire career.

Playing a tight set, The Buzzcocks threw in some of their slower songs like “Moving Away From The Pulsebeat”, but obviously their classics like “What Do I Get” and “Ever Fall In Love” easily got the biggest reactions of the night.

A solid and fun show, it’s a bit of a rarity in punk for a band to still be touring regularly after even a decade, let alone 40 years like The Buzzcocks do.  If you dig punk at all, The Buzzcocks are a must, and go see them now while you have the chance, who knows how much longer they’ll be playing.

Fast Cars
Totally From The Heart
I Don’t Mind
People Are Strange Machines
Whatever Happened To?
Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore
Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
Nothing Left
Sick City Sometimes
It’s Not You
Love You More
Noise Annoys
You Say You Don’t Love Me
Time’s Up

What Do I Get?
Orgasm Addict
Ever Fall In Love
Harmony In My Head

The Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?

You Had To Change, But You Stayed The Same:
Buzzcocks – Singles Go Steady
Buzzcocks – Love Bites

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