The Descendents, Fucked Up, Night Birds Live In Philly (10/13/16)

*Once again, I’m really late on this post due to my incredibly limited screen time due to this stupid fucking post concussive syndrome as I’ve mentioned in previous (late) posts and staying on a screen longer than a few minutes causes instant migraines which lo and behold, doesn’t really go well when you’re trying to run a blog.

Anyways, on October 13th I headed to Philly’s Electric Factory to catch a stacked lineup.  The show was running really late due to some sound issues the venue was having, so because of this, Night Birds had to cut their set short.

Night Birds:
night birds

I’ve been a fan of these NJ punks for quite some time, and they never fail to put on a good show.  I haven’t had a chance to check out their latest album Mutiny On Muscle Beach, but if the live versions of the songs are any indication, it’s the classic hard hitting garage/surfy almost Dead Kennedys influenced punk we’ve come to know and love from these guys.

The crowd was incredibly receptive to them, opening a pit while front-man Brian was all over the place with his stage antics, completely owning that large space.  Unfortunately their set ended what felt like almost as soon as it started, but a whirlwind of a set.

Fucked Up:
fucked up

I love Canada’s Fucked Up and I find myself listening to their early hardcore EPs and albums pretty regularly, so needless to say I was beyond stoked to be seeing them again.  Like most hardcore bands, Fucked Up is the type of band best seen in a smaller, barricade-less venue, but lead singer Abraham did his best to overcome the barriers by forgoing the stage for a majority of the show to stay right up against the barricade and into the crowd.  The band ripped through their set, and while it seemed like most of the crowd didn’t really know who they were (do young kids not listen to Fucked Up?), a few dedicated of us in the crowd were singing (well, screaming) along every word.

Playing a solid set, Fucked Up threw in plenty of older hardcore numbers in there, dedicating closer “Police” to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Hoping they come around again soon, I want to see them in a proper smaller venue again, and hopefully I’ll be able to not be concussed and dance around.

Setlist: (From what I remember and not in order)
Queen Of Hearts
David Comes To Life
Baiting The Public (I and II)
Under My Nose
Manqueller Man
I Hate Summer

The Descendents:

The Descendents don’t really need any introduction, as Milo and company carved their place in punk rock history with their catchy aggressive songs about life, love, and growing up since the early 80s.  Touring in support of their latest album Hypercaffium Spazzinatetheir set had plenty off their first release in over 12 years (and if you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and go grab it).  Of course, they threw in songs from most of their releases with a heavy emphasis on both Milo Goes To College and Everything Sucks.

The Descendents were able to switch between both their newer and older songs seamlessly and without losing any energy during the segue, which is pretty impressive considering these are the first songs the band has written in over a decade and shows just how well these songs fit into the rest of their back catalog.  The band sounded as energetic and as on point as ever, and as usual The Descendents completely killed it.

Everything Sux
Rotting Out
Victim Of Me
Silly Girl
I Wanna Be A Bear
Nothing With You
My Dad Sucks
Clean Sheets
On Paper
Suburban Home
Without Love
Coffee Mug
No All
Get The Time
I Don’t Want To Grow Up
Shameless Halo
I Like Food
I’m The One
When I Get Old
Thank You
Feel This
Spineless And Scarlet Red

Night Birds – Demon Haunted World
Fucked Up – Queen Of Hearts
The Descendents – Suburban Home

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