The Dickies, The Droogettes Live In Philly (10/30/16)

70s punk band The Dickies have to be one of the most fun punk live bands around.  I had the chance to catch them again, this time at Philly’s intimate Voltage lounge.  The place had a sizable crowd for a Sunday night, and I got there right as Philly’s own The Droogettes were starting.

The Droogettes:

I never heard of this local, clockward orange themed, all girl punk band before seeing them, but they put on an enjoyable set.  Playing catchy oi punk, The Droogettes reminded me a bit of The Vibrators mixed with The Runaways.  I’ll have to give some of their recorded stuff a listen, from what I heard it sounded pretty tight.

The Dickies:

The Dickies have always been known for their bizarre humor in their lyrics, and their live show is as equally bizarre.  I had the pleasure of catching them last year at Kung Fu Necktie, so I was really excited to be seeing them again on their way back from NYC where they played Dawn Of The Dickies and The Incredible Shrinking Dickies in their entirety on two separate nights.  While we didn’t get any albums played in their entirety, the bulk of the set definitely came from The Incredible Shrinking Dickies.

Opening up with “Rosemary” off their 3rd album Stukas Over Disneyland, The Dickies ripped through their set, only taking a few moments to joke with the crowd about how they won’t comment on the state of politics “We’ll let the hardcore bands talk about politics.  Or we’ll let Fat Mike write a song about it…” before taking some shots at Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” remarks.

Whether it’s running around stage with a sex doll, singing “Poodle Party” with a hand puppet, or dressing up in scuba gear, The Dickies are band that definitely need to be seen live.  A solid show as usual, The Dickies are one of the most influential and underrated bands of their era.  Do yourself a favor and see them if you get a chance to.

Setlist: (Might not be in order, pretty complete)
Fan Mail
I’m Ok, You’re OK
I’m Stuck In A Pagoda With Tricia Toyota
Free Willy
Got It At The Store
Give It Back
Nights In White Satin
Welcome To The Diamond Mine
Golden Boys
Toxic Avengers
Manny Moe And Jack
Pretty Ballerina
Poodle Party
You Drive Me Ape
If Stuart Could Talk
Banana Splits

The Dickies – She’s A Hunchback

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