Penetrode, Meter Feeder, Blackout Live In Philly (1/19/17)

It’s been a long damn time since I’ve last been to a Philly house show.  Last night, I headed to a basement to catch a couple of hardcore punk bands as they played a fundraiser for Philly’s Project Safe.  While I didn’t really know any of the bands very well, I dug what little I heard previously and a small basement show is always fun (I was wrestling with the idea of going to see Anti-Flag at The Fillmore, but didn’t really feel like paying 35+ dollars for a “punk” show).  The place had a sizable amount of people in the basement, and I unfortunately got there a bit late and only caught the last song by Philly’s own Blackout.

Like I stated, I walked in right as these guys were finishing up (which sucks because they were one of the main bands I wanted to check out).  That said, if you dig hardcore in the veins of Government Warning or Negative Approach, definitely check Blackout out.  Their demo is fucking sick.

Meter Feeder:
I never heard of Western Massachusetts punk band Meter Feeder before this show, but they played punk/hardcore with plenty of rock and roll groove making for an aggressive yet catchy set.  Their vocalist was all over the place with her switching between shouting and singing which reminded me a bit of X mixed with Punch.  A tight set, definitely give them a listen.

Last up was Philly’s own Penetrode, and while I haven’t heard of them before the show, they completely blew me away.   Playing catchy and energetic hardcore, Penetrode’s vocalist was all over the place as they ripped through their quick set.  If you dig bands like The Suicide File and or Cloak/Dagger, check them out.

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