The Dead Milkmen, An Albatross play protest show in Philly (1/20/17)

This past Friday, as us Americans watched a narcissistic sociopath con his way into the White House (I’m just waiting for him to plaster his stupid fucking name in gaudy ass letters above it like he does all of his buildings), I headed to my favorite stomping grounds The Barbary to catch local legends The Dead Milkmen and An Albatross play a protest show where all proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood.

An Albatross:

Taken By Ellei Johndro. Check out all the photos from the show on Shadowscene
Taken By Ellei Johndro. Check out all the photos from the show on Shadowscene

The Pennsylvania misfits of hardcore, circus-esque An Albatross recently reunited to play the occasional show, and a Planned Parenthood fundraiser couldn’t have been a more appropriate place to take a break from their hiatus. Known for their explosive live shows and noisy experimental electronic infused hardcore/grind, An Albatross took the small stage to a packed room.

Kicking things off with “I Am The Lazer Viking”, the band ripped through their electrifying set with barely a moment’s break.  The stage itself was hardly big enough to contain the band, which was no problem as vocalist Eddie B. Gieda III made full use of everything in the room, from hanging upside down on the stage lights to running across the bartop shrieking, screaming, and high kicking his way through the set.

The band sounded as tight as ever with their blast beat rhythms and finger shredding riffs as the crowd screamed along.  Even though the place was filled with plenty of Dead Milkmen fans who’ve never listened to An Albatross (or listened to hardcore) before, it was impossible to not be swept up in the band’s cohesive energy.

Setlist (From what I remember, definitely not complete or in order):
I Am The Lazer Viking
Let’s Get On With It!
Manifesto Of The Divine Children
Electric Suits and Cowboy Boots
The Revolutionary Politics Of Dance
The Triumph Of The Lazer Viking
Get Faster, Cry For Happy
The Vitally Important Pelvic Thrust
Trust The Sun
California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedy’s cover, dedicated to Trump)
Floodgates Released
Uncle Funky Pants

The Dead Milkmen:

Taken By Ellei Johndro. Check out all the photos from the show on Shadowscene
Taken By Ellei Johndro. Check out all the photos from the show on Shadowscene

I’ve seen The Dead Milkmen play the strangest places (including the Philadelphia library), so it was fantastic to be able to see them play a place that is like a second home to me, especially considering that either one of these bands could easily pack out a bigger venue.  Known for their off-kilter tongue in cheek punk rock, The Dead Milkmen took the stage to a roar of applause.

The Dead Milkmen wasted no time kicking things off with Tiny Town as vocalist Rodney bounced around the stage seemingly fueled by the anger of the day’s unfolding, which he made perfectly clear through his biting, sarcastic yet humorous stage banter.  Whether it was Trump piss jokes, poking jabs at 3 Doors Down (“Hey I love Three Doors Down, they got 3 guys and about 6 inches of dick. You figure it out”), or talking about Pence touching gerbils inappropriately, the band as always kept things interesting between their classics.

One of the highlight talking points (I believe during the intro to Bitchin’ Camaro), was when Rodney joked about how they were trying to get along with his Trump supporting family members by showing he weren’t PC either, and so they sent various Christmas cards out to his family like Jesus with donkey ears or the religious figures having sex with donkeys just to show them that he totally understood and was on board with not being PC, but they didn’t like that since that was “blasphemous”. Saying how he learned that the anti-PC movement is really just an excuse to be racist, The Dead Milkmen broke out into a “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” cover and then returned right back to the Bitchin’ Camaro intro saying how this was going to be the most awkward transition into the song ever.

A solid and fun set by the hometown band, The Dead Milkmen always put on a great show, and it was awesome to see both these bands come together for a good cause.  This show definitely made my day suck a lot less.

Tiny Town
I Walk The Thinnest Line
Serrated Edge
Methodist Coloring Book
Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog
Punk Rock Girl
Smokin’ Banana Peels
Right Wing Pigeons
Anthropology Days
Dean’s Dream
Prisoner’s Cinema (featuring band Hot Breakfast)
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedy’s Cover)
Bitchin’ Camaro
Beach Party Vietnam
I’ve Got To Get My Numbers Up
If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
Caitlin Childs
Big Lizard
Life Is Shit
People Have The Power (Patti Smith Cover)

Pretty Music For Pretty People
Surfin Cow
Taking Libtards To The Zoo (Taking Retards To The Zoo with changed lyrics)

Dead Milkmen – If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
An Albatross – Let’s Get On With It!

Donate To Planned Parenthood!

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