I was part of The Menzingers music video shoot for After The Party.

I usually wouldn’t post something like this, but it was a pretty unique/fun experience so I figure I share.  I saw a post on Facebook a few weeks ago from The Menzingers talking about how they needed some extras for their latest music video shoot for their new song “After The Party”, and if interested write an email with a photo of yourself, your contact info, and a little bit about yourself to the production crew in charge of shooting the video.  I figured “I’m in Philly… what the hell, why not?”

I received an email back from the production crew the next day telling me to meet at a house in West Philly (broken up in different groups who would be arriving at staggering times) and a rather humorous description of what to wear: “This is a blue collar punk party scene – so dress accordingly! We’re looking for jean jackets, boots, carhartt, band shirts, beanies, mohawks, punk clothes etc. If you’re unsure, send us a photo of your outfit by Friday afternoon for approval. Bring extra options to keep in your car.”  So pretty much what I and anyone who would go to a Menzingers video shoot wear everyday anyway, although I understand why they need to specify (although it WAS half tempting to buy an Avril Lavigne shirt, get a long tie, wear it crookedly and send a picture back asking if this was “punk rawk” enough).  Needless to say, I don’t think anyone brought extra pairs of clothes.

Surely this is what they meant.

I got to the West Philly house, and they were currently shooting a scene in the kitchen as I signed in and was directed to head down the basement.  Down there, I was with a bunch of other extras as what was essentially a house party where they provided drinks, some food, and music as we hung around meeting new people and making friends…chill vibes throughout.  They’d occasionally come down and pull people upstairs for various scenes, asking various questions like if anyone was a veteran in stage diving (which I had to pass because unfortunately stage diving is one of those things that are frowned upon when you’re healing from a concussion…)   I mostly missed this though as I roamed around some, hung outside for a while as the production crew set up around us and shot a scene outside (my foot might be famous! I finally made it guys!)

After a few hours of hanging out, we were all called upstairs for the big scene where The Menzingers would be playing the living room.  Before recording, they kicked things off with two warm up songs to which the crowd turned into a living room pit (I believe “Good Things” and “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore”).  Afterwards it was shooting time, as The Menzingers played the chorus of “After The Party” while the production company set up shots and instructed the crowd to do different things (which was usually along the lines of “lose your shit”) which we didn’t have any problems doing.  This happened over the better course of an hour or so (repeating the same chorus), but remained fun as everyone was in high spirits chanting, having fun, and just going nuts stage diving off stairs, crowd surfing, etc. Whether it was the constant chants throughout the night or crowd singing along to the various covers they’d play during some downtime.

Finally, after a lot of accidental broken glass, sweat, and spilled drinks later the filmers announced they got the shots they needed and it was a wrap.  The Menzingers played 2 or 3 more songs, and it felt very reminiscent when I first used to see The Menzingers years ago at various houses around the city.  The place finally cleared out, and it was a pretty fun and unique experience overall, definitely glad I went.

At the time of this post, the music video hasn’t been released yet, and the new album itself comes out on February 3rd.  The Menzingers have certainly exploded over the years, but they still do fun stuff like this (or throw last minute shows at tiny dives… their record release show at Kung Fu Necktie sold out in under 2 minutes!)

Not the music video, but here’s the new song:

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