We Officially Turned 10 Years Old!

Holy shit, I can’t believe this site has now existed for 10 years whole years, giving you our shitty opinions on punk bands I like and show reviews for a goddamn decade now… that’s like 90 in Internet Years.  To put that in perspective George W Bush was president, the very first iPhone wasn’t even out yet nor was the final Harry Potter book.  Fuck, now I feel old…  Well, technically our birthday was a few days ago, but I’m a slacker, fuck off.

Can I join the Internet AARP yet?

This site started out as a joke between 3 friends to post about literally anything… comics, videos, stupid shit we found on the internet.  I only posted about punk music because that’s what I knew about.  One friend dropped off a few days later after we had people other than the 3 of us viewing the site, and then it was just me and Sasha running it.  I covered punk music and she mostly covered indie (man, we had a lot more people coming to the site when we covered indie music) until sometime a year later when it just was me running it and posting bands I liked, shows I dug, shit I thought you should check out.

Thank you to everyone who has ever read this site, any band that sent their demo, and all the shitty RIAA lawyers who sent us cease and detest letters trying to shut the site down over the years.  I love all of you! (Well maybe except the RIAA lawyers, you guys can fuck right off still).

Groovie Ghoulies – Happy Birthday

The Vandals – Happy Birthday To Me

The Vandals – Bad Birthday Bash

Atom and His Package – Happy Birthday General

Big D And The Kids Table – Running Young

7 Seconds – Young ‘Til I Die

Big D And The Kids Table – Good Luck

Low Budgets – Born Before The Internet

NOFX – New Happy Birthday Song

Token Entry – Birthdays

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