Posers, After The Fall, Sold, The Barren Marys Live In Philly (3/2/17)

Last Thursday night, I headed to a house up in North Philly to catch Philly’s local Posers and Albany’s After The Fall play a small basement show.  With only a handful of us there on a chilly night, it was a pretty intimate vibe as I got there right as Philly’s The Barren Marys were finishing up.

The Barren Marys:

Like I stated, I only heard the last few songs of these local punks, but I dug the very little bit I heard.  The Barren Mary’s play a very straightforward style of sing along skate punk that reminded me a bit of bands like early Bouncing Souls, with plenty of whoas and catchy melodies.  Check them out if you’re looking for some good ole’ fashioned punk rock.

Up next were Philly’s SOLD who played a relatively quick set.  In all honesty, I’m not usually a huge fan of most post-punk (sort of sick of hearing about how much a hardcore band has “matured” because they bought some new guitar pedals and now sound like a shitty poor man’s version of Joy Division…) but I actually was really digging SOLD.

These punks had a pretty unique sound to them with their driving bass heavy rhythms and melodies, and had an energy in their songs that I usually don’t hear in bands that are similar.  While their set was quick, they definitely left an impact… give these dudes a listen.

After The Fall:

I’ve been listening to Albany’s After The Fall ever since I got their album Fort Orange back in 2009.  I was a pretty big fan of their follow-up Eradication (and really, any band that covers an I-Spy song is obviously gonna win me over), but never really got a chance to listen to their 2013 album Unkind and only very recently have listened to their 2015 album Dedication.

If you’re not familiar with the band, After The Fall play thrashy melodic hardcore mixed with more traditional skate punk which I can best describe as a mix somewhere between Propagandhi, Bigwig, and A Wilhelm Scream.  After The Fall sounded just as tight live as they do on their albums, with all the technical and hand melting riffs/shredding as they tore through a set consisting of songs mostly off their latest Dedication with a cover of “Hope” by Sublime… uhhhh I mean The Descendents thrown in for good measure (although anytime I hear a Hope cover for now on, I’m just going to pretend it’s a cover of Sublime’s cover.)


Photo By Catherine Dempsey

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Philly band Posers over the past couple years, but haven’t really checked them out.  Let me just say this… after seeing them, I haven’t been able to stop listening to their latest EP Posers, Too.  Female fronted 77 style punk rock/proto punk in the veins of bands like X and the Dictators, Posers played an incredibly energetic set with them making good use of the basement with their singer all over the place, rolling around, etc.

Songs like “I Don’t Want To Know” and “Exist” have seriously been stuck in my head for days on end now.  I’ll be catching them again this weekend, and if you’re in the Philly area, I highly recommend going to check them out over at The Voltage Lounge as they open up for the legendary Protex.

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