Digger, Captain We’re Sinking, Podactor live at Neshiminy Creek Brewing Company (3/4/17)

About a week and a half ago, I headed about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia to the town of Croydon to attend the Trenton Punk Rock flea market at Neshaminy Creek Brewing.  Fuck if I know why there was a Trenton, NJ flea market in another state, but I’m not complaining considering that part of the after party would feature PA’s beloved and recently united Digger with Captain We’re Sinking and Podactor playing along as well.

The brewery itself was pretty cool, with the show taking place in one of the main rooms of the brewery between pallets and vats of beer, while the bar area had a multitude of arcade games, etc in it.


I’ve never heard of Podactor before, but after the band set up on the small platform and without announcing anything, they ripped into a Rancid cover… and anyone who is opening a set with a Rancid song is OK in my book.  While I’m not going to lie, I would have been ok listening to sweet Rancid covers all night, Podactor played solid punk rock in the veins of early Menzingers and Campaign about growing up, drinking, depression, and other things bearded dudes in plaid like to listen to (probably).

They played a solid set, and I’ve been giving their album Plays The Millennial Blues a few spins ever since, and it’s pretty solid.  Check it out if you are currently holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon in your hand.

Captain We’re Sinking:

Next up was Captain We’re Sinking, and it was apparent that the majority of the people who stayed for the show were there for these Scranton punk.  Best known for being members of the ska punk band Kos Mos with singer Bobby’s brother Greg of The Menzingers (ok, they’re not BEST known for that… but it is a thing and I’m trying to make ska-punk a thing again dammit…We all yell SKA!).

You’re welcome.

Captain We’re Sinking played a tight set of their emo/indie infused punk and seemed to throw in a bunch of newer songs into the mix.  Check it out if you dig bands like Spraynard or Timeshares.


While PA’s Digger has played a few reunion shows over the past couple years, the Hopeless Records signed band was most active throughout the mid 90s and early 2000s.  The crowd thinned a bit by the time Digger played…and considering I saw: a couple vomiting together, a girl having a drunken emotional breakdown screaming in the streets, and other things you may expect from people drinking since 12pm this wasn’t shocking…flea markets amirite?  That being said, even with the smaller crowd, Digger easily had the most enthusiastic and energetic set of the night.

With their pop punk songs about girls, class, and wanting their fucking hat back already, Digger ripped through their set as people shouted and danced along.  A fun show, I feel for the dude who during excitement for their most popular “I Want My Hat Back” threw his hat in the air only to have it get stuck in the rafters… how fucking meta.

A few songs recorded by youtube user thissiteishorrible

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