Doing It For Dave: H2O, Killing Time Live In NJ (4/2/17)

I’m originally from NJ, so I grew up listening to and am a pretty big fan of influential hardcore band Vision.  After seeing them just a few months beforehand, I was crushed earlier in the year when it was announced that their singer Dave Franklin passed away.  On April 2nd, a bunch of bands got together in Asbury Park to help throw a fundraising show in honor of Dave.  It was being thrown at Asbury Park’s Convention Center, and the lineup was stacked.  I wasn’t able to get there until later in the day, but the venue was pretty damn packed for a Sunday night and I walked in right as Killing Time were setting up.  Here’s a really quick recap of the night, and I’ll be sure to post the Hate5Six videos once they’ve released them.

Killing Time:
New York’s Killing Time took the stage and kicked into Mr. Brightside opener “Cheap Thrills” to a chorus of people shouting along.  The band played mostly stuff off their debut LP Mr. Brightside, with some of the highlights being Fools Die, Brightside, and Tell Tale.  At the end of the set, Killing Time’s singer announced that there was a special guest up next, with a guest vocalist.

Agnostic Front:
Right before H2O was going to go on, as Killing Time announced a surprise guest was going to be playing next, and Agnostic Front came out with Mark Ryan of Supertouch doing guest vocals since Roger Miret couldn’t make it to the show.  Opening with Victim In Pain, Agnostic Front played a quick and energetic set.


H2O took the stage with Toby immediately chanting “My friends look out for me like family” as an enthusiastic crowd shouted along to their call to arms “5 Year Plan”.  H2O always throws a killer and energetic show, and this night was no exception.

5 Year Plan
Nothing To Prove
One Life, One Chance
Scene Report
Family Tree
I Know Why
Spirit Of ’84
Guilty By Association
What Happened?

For whatever reason, the after show at The Wonder Bar already started even though Vision didn’t take the stage yet, and I was a bit torn if I should stick around for Vision or not.  I decided against it, as I wanted my last memory of seeing Vision to be with Dave when I caught them at Philly’s Underground Arts opening for H2O.  I didn’t know him well, but I spoke with Dave for a bit after that show as we watched The Philadelphia Eagles shit the bed, and he was incredibly down to earth and a very personable guy.  Incredibly influential, Vision will always be one of those bands that stick with me throughout my entire life.

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