UK Subs, The Virus Live In Philly (4/7/17)

After circling for parking trying to find that elusive South Philly spot, I finally grabbed one as I headed out to South Philly’s Connie’s Ric Rac to catch Philly’s own street punks The Virus and the legendary UK Subs.  I walked into the venue, only to see like 3 people drinking at the bar, and was pretty fucking confused.  They then informed me that the show was moved to The Voltage Lounge, and I was already running late as is… Fuck.

I hurriedly made my way up to the intimate Voltage Lounge, and luckily for me, the show was running on “punk time” (aka late) so I made it right as The Virus was setting up.  I was in the very small minority of people who did not have a colorful mohawk or a studded jacket (or as I like to call it the “Punk Bedazzler”), as one would expect at this show.

I’m just 30 bucks away from being punk as fuck.

The Virus

Taken by youtube user: DirtySanchez76

Last time I saw The Virus it was out in Asbury Park after Punk Rock Bowling, and there weren’t many people there due to everyone getting way too wasted at PBR, or the incredibly stupid rule at The Wonder Bar that stated “studded jackets prohibited” which is one way to dwindle a street punk’s band attendance if that is your goal.  I was stoked to be seeing them in their home city, and from the second they took the stage the crowd went absolutely apeshit for them.

With their aggressive, circle pit inducing punk, The Virus played an energetic set consisting of songs from most of their releases including plenty of older songs off their Singles and Rarities compilation and a bunch off their newest, recently released System Failure album.  The new songs sound like classic Virus to the point where if you didn’t know better, you would think that any of the songs were off an old EP or something.  Definitely makes me happy to see them still proudly touting the street punk sound without switching too much up.


UK Subs:

Taken by youtube user: DirtySanchez76

One of the earliest street punk bands from Britain, the UK Subs have released quite the discography over the years with something like over 25 albums under their belt.  However they have gone through many lineup changes over the years with singer Charlie Harper remaining the only constant.  Playing their blend of street punk with more traditional rock and roll influences, UK Subs put on an energetic and lively set.

Setlist: (may not be complete)
Emotional Blackmail
You Don’t Belong
Left For Dead
Down On The Farm
Endangered Species
Young Criminals
Barbie’s Dead
Fear Of Girls
City Of the Dead
I’ve Got A Gun
Crash Course
Tomorrow’s Girls
Party In Paris

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