The Movielife, The Flatliners, MakeWar Live In Philly (5/4/17)

When it was announced that recently reunited The Movielife would be playing Philly’s tiny dive Kung Fu Necktie, I knew I would have to buy a ticket as soon as they went on sale.  And I’m incredibly glad I did, because the show sold out in about 5-10 minutes.  I never got to see melodic hardcore/emo The Movielife before, only catching vocalist Vinnie doing a solo show before, so I was pretty excited to finally get to see them, especially in such a small intimate space.  I got to the show, and the place was already filling out right as MakeWar started.


I thought I’ve never heard of MakeWar before, but I later learned that the New York City punk band was born from the ashes of the folk punk Sad & French (who I had the pleasure of seeing once) and even play plenty Sad & French songs, but heavier.  I keep seeing MakeWar compared to bands like Brand New or Taking Back Sunday, but honestly their sound reminded me much more of melodic punk bands like Dead To Me, Smoke or Fire, or Banner Pilot.

MakeWar put on a lively and energetic set that i was definitely digging.  If you’re into catchy, sing-along melodic punk, definitely give MakeWar a listen.

The Flatliners

It’s been at least four years since I’ve last seen Ontario’s The Flatliners, and they never fail to disappoint live.  The once ska influenced, now melodic punk band were touring to support their recently released latest album Inviting Light.  I’ve heard very mixed things about the album,  some praising the more evolved, mature sound while others saying the album fell flat (no pun intended), boring and overproduced.  I haven’t had a chance to listen enough times yet, but their live show definitely doesn’t reflect the negative criticism: their show was classic (well, post-ska) Flatliners with plenty of energy.

They played a decent amount off the latest album, but threw in a few from Dead Language, Calvacade and Great Awakening.  If you like music like early Menzingers, you’d dig The Flatliners.

The Movielife

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m honestly not the biggest fan of emo minus a select few bands, but I never really understood why The Movielife were always lumped in with emo bands.  Maybe it was due to their Long Island roots alongside bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, but The Movielife always reminded me more of melodic hardcore pioneers like Lifetime (and as someone who grew up in NJ, this is seriously one of the highest compliments I could possibly give).

Anticipation was building as The Movielife was setting up, and once they finally took the stage and started things off with Has A Gambling Problem opener “Walking On Glass” the tiny room erupted.  The Movielife played songs from most of their major releases (well except their 1999 debut It’s Go Time, which if I’m being honest is probably the one I listen to the most… come on guys, “Barefoot” is a fan-fucking-tastic song).

Joking with the crowd about how they broke up just before the emo scene exploded they poked some fun at some of the stranger trends and stereotypes of the genre (nail polish, sister’s jeans, etc).  The Movielife informed us that they were in the process of writing and recording a new album, which would be their first since the 2003 release of Forty Hour Train Back To Penn and should be touring to support it later this year.

Definitely one of the more fun shows I’ve been to recently. here’s hoping they keep things intimate and keep it at a place like KFN or the church basement when they come back around.

Walking On Glass
I Hope You Die Soon
10 Seconds Too Late
Face Or Kneecaps
Once In A Row
Kelly Song
This Time Next Year
Single White Female
Hand Grenade
Pinky Swear
Takin’ It Out And Choppin’ It Up
Ship To Shore
Sailor Tattoos

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