An Albatross Live In Philly (6/25/17)

Man… I am so fucking late with this post.  With my current limited screen time it’s been really hard to keep up, but better late than never right?  ANYWAYS:

I bought tickets in advance for one of the most rad/bizarre shows I’ve ever been to.  In all of their weirdness, psychedelic noise grind punks An Albatross decided to play a breakfast Philly show at The Barbary at 6 goddamn AM on a Sunday morning.  According to the band, ” An Albatross toyed with the notion of hosting a “breakfast show” since the band’s performance-art based inception back in the late 90’s. It’s 2017 & we’re making it come to fruition at our home.” In all of my weirdness I decided it would be a good idea to go, sleep be damned.

This was the type of show where I would expect a lot of people to buy tickets, but then back out of at the last minute because they’re too hungover/still drunk/etc, but to my surprise the place was actually really packed out.  No one wanted to miss what was guaranteed to be a memorial spectacle.  After essentially pulling an all-nighter, I got there right in the middle of pysch garage band Residuels set, missing missing the opening yoga session and Philly local grindcore dudes Die Choking… which may be the first time I’ve ever used the words “grindcore” and “yoga” in the same sentence.

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An Albatross took the small stage, and the place immediately broke out into a rowdy pit.  One of the most creative bands in hardcore mixing blast beats, shredding guitars, shrieks, and demented circus inspired organ keyboards, An Albatross tore through their set while vocalist Eddie B. Gieda III climbed on anything and everything.  A solid and fun set, it was easy to forget that a sunrise was happening outside as the Pennsylvania circus manages to bring more energy early in the morning than most bands do in any given day.

Catch them in September as they go on a mini-tour.

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