Tsunami Bomb Live In Philly (7/18/17)

When I saw that California’s Tsunami Bomb recently reunited, and was playing the 1st of 3 East coast dates at one of my favorite spots Kung Fu Necktie, I immediately bought a ticket… I haven’t seen them play a show since they opened for The Bouncing Souls sometime in 03/04.  It wasn’t until after I bought the ticket that I learned this was not a full reunion, and singer Agent-M would not be joining and was replaced with new vocalist Kate Jacobi.

I’ll be completely honest, I usually HATE when bands reunite without their singer.  I feel like a singer’s voice is so unique to them unlike any other instrument, it becomes nearly impossible to replicate.  Needless to say I was incredibly skeptical and almost considered not going to the show at all.  Deciding that I already bought the ticket paired with the fact that Kung Fu Necktie is a small intimate bar, I figured I might as well go, and at the very worst, I hear some “covers” of Tsunami Bomb songs.  Spoiler alert: I am so glad I went.

Tsunami Bomb is sort of a Frankenstein of past and new members, featuring original founding member Dom Davi (bass) and Oobliette Sparks (keyboards), early drummer Gabriel Lindmann, new guitarist Andy Pohl and of course new vocalist Kate Jacobi.  The band took the stage, and immediately opened into “The Invasion From Within” which had the entirety of the crowd singing along.  Tsunami Bomb mostly pulled songs from their early releases practically playing The Invasion From Within EP in almost it’s entirety along with plenty from The Ultimate Escape.

I have to give credit where credit is due: like I stated previously, I was very skeptical of Kate replacing Agent M, but she did a pretty damn fine job.  With plenty of stage presence and the vocal ability to back it up, she fit right in with the rest of the band, as did the new guitarist Andy.  The band had plenty of energy, with keyboardist/co-vocalist Oobliette at one point even jumping into the small pit as she thrashed around singing during “Irish Boys”.  A fun show, I have to say I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  If you’re a Tsunami Bomb fan, it’s definitely worth going to check them out live in their 2017 form.


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