Kill Your Idols, Violent Society Live In Philly (7/29/17)

2017 was one of the few years that I didn’t head to any day of the city of brotherly shove’s annual This Is Hardcore, but I did head to Underground Arts for the stacked after show featuring Kill Your Idols and Violent Society.  I love both of these bands and would easily go to a show featuring one of them, so having them both on the same bill just made me fucking ecstatic.

I got to the smaller room at Underground Arts, and while not sold out, the place had a decent amount of people there for a late night show after an all day fest.

Violent Society:

Philly’s own Violent Society doesn’t play very often these days, but along with The Virus and The Boils, these guys were incredibly influential in shaping the Philly street punk scene throughout the 90s.  Seemingly out of place at a hardcore show (to which the band pointed some fun at as well), it seemed most of the crowd didn’t know who they were, which was a bit surreal since every other time I’ve seen them the crowd was full of punks with spiked jackets and mohawks circle-pitting throughout.

That said, it didn’t inhibit Violent Society who played a hell of a set with their charged and aggressive songs, with ones off their debut full length Not Enjoyin’ It getting the largest reaction.  Violent Society sounded tight as ever, and if you dig street punk at all they are definitely a must.

I Wanna Know
It’s Only Your Life
Totally Fucked
Can’t Stop You
Sarge’s Last StandTimes Of Distraught
Something’s Gone Wrong
Preaching To The Converted
Rise Of Punk
Piss On You
Polyester Snatch
Abandoned City
We Don’t Believe
Call Me
Coming Back For You
All For The Fame
In Crowd
Philly Shreds
You’re Gonna Fall
Dead Cities (Exploited cover)

Kill Your Idols:

Youtube video by user Dave Blevins
Speaking of bands that play infrequently, Kill Your Idols are one of those bands that anytime I see, I’m not exactly sure if it’s going to be the last time.  The NY melodic hardcore band has broken up/taken hiatus only to reunite for the occasional off-show.  Kill Your Idols took the stage and the place was soon exploding with people two-stepping and singing along as they ripped through their energetic set.

Playing songs from a bunch of their albums and splits, definitely go catch Kill Your Idols if you’re lucky enough to see them play near you… Even after all these years they still throw a hell of a show.

Hardcore Circa 2002
Enjoy The Show
What I’ve Become
Stop Comparing Us To Negative Approach
Walk Away
We’ve Tried Nothing And We’re All Out Of Ideas
Funeral For A Feeling
Only Dicks Don’t Like Black Flag
Send In The Clowns
Cousin Fred
From Companionship To Competition
The Path
Know The Pain/Banned
Right Now
Young At Heart
Cast Me Aside
Chesterfield King And Propagandhi
Callin Card
Wake Up Sheep
Ready To/Still Hate/Fight
Can’t Take This Away


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