Barnaby Jones, Censors Live In Long Island (8/19/17)

So quick note before I start the post: the guitarist of Censors and Barnaby Jones (Justin) is a pretty big Twitch user and live-streamed the show, which was a going away party for him as he is moving.  Censors starts at around 2:05, and Barnaby Jones starts around 2:55.

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Ever since I first saw Long Island hardcore band Barnaby Jones open for Bomb The Music Industry back in 2009 (fuck was that really 8 years ago now?) here in Philly, they’ve become one of my favorite hardcore bands and I still listen to their Self Titled pretty damn regularly.  After they broke up, I swore to myself that if they ever played another reunion show after calling it quits/hiatus/whatever I would go and see them, regardless of where it was.  It got to the point where whenever I’d see BTMI or Jeff Rosenstock play a solo show, I’d annoy the shit out of him or John asking when Barnaby Jones would play a show again.

Finally I got my wish.  I saw that Barnaby Jones would be playing one final reunion show at a bar called Mr. Beery’s, so I decided to head up to Long Island for the weekend and catch them one last time.  I got there a bit late, missing some of the openers who I heard killed it, but made it in time for Censors.

I haven’t heard of Censors before the show, but this was a reunion show for them, apparently the first in 4 years.  Playing melodic hardcore reminding me of Hot Water Music or A Wilhelm Scream, Censors played an enjoyable set with their singer all over the place and taking some shots at the show saying how they all really protested playing but finally caved, and the best thing about the show is knowing that they will never have to play again afterwards.

It’s a shame they’ve called it quits, because they definitely throw a solid show and if you dig melodic hardcore you should give them a listen although it’s pretty unlikely you’ll see them anytime soon.

Barnaby Jones:
I’ve spent countless hours over the years skating to and listening to Barnaby Jones, so like I’ve stated previously I was beyond stoked to finally be able to see them again.  The only bummer was that any attempts at a pit were quickly broken up by security (which to his credit was cool about it), but maybe it was for the best since we’re all old as fuck now (ok, we’re in our 30s, but still… I have to “behave” until this concussion completely heals.)

Kicking things off with It’s Only The End Of The World Again, Barnaby Jones played an all out, no holds barred set of their hardcore consisting of most of their Self Titled with two newish songs thrown in.  Vocalist Dan was incredibly lively/drunk running and throwing his microphone around, and the band sounded pretty damn tight for not playing a show in who the fuck knows how long.

At one point, they announced they wrote new lyrics for the song Hips N Nips, with Dan announcing he was a dumb 24 year old and a bad ally, making a movement about how he felt instead of staying silent and just helping .  In between songs the band traded jabs back and forth, poked fun at their age (stop making me feel old you fucks), and joked about how all their songs were about dying or the system or other angsty topics.

I’m keeping it short since you should just watch the stream for yourself, (Barnaby Jones starts at 2:55) but it seriously was one of the most fun I’ve had at a show in a long time.  After a relatively short set, the band announced “We’re Barnaby Jones, and we’re fucking DEAD. We’re never going to do this again!” before clearing the stage to the sweet, sexy sounds of Toto’s “Africa”.

Bummed that this is most likely their last show, I’m glad I made the trek from Philly up to Long Island to catch them once more.  That said, they didn’t play my favorite “Danielle Steele Reserve”, so if you’re reading this guys, you probably shouldn’t break up just yet.

It’s Only The End Of The World Again
Good News From The Egg Council
Handsome B Wonderful
To Catch An Alien vs Predator
Dan’s Face vs The Parking Lot
Hips N Nips [Otherwise I’m Not Eating]
New Song
The Death Seat
Dirt Words
I’ll Buy You A Hundred George Michaels
Fear And Loathing In [Insert Your Town Here]
Bill Murray Demands A Circle Pit

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