Good Riddance/Kill Your Idols Split

I was fucking around on my guitar for the first time in months, trying to play some Kill Your Idols (did I mention how terrible I am at guitar?) when I kept defaulting to their song “I Told You So.”  Since I’ve been on such a huge kick of their split with Good Riddance lately, I decided I should post about it even though it’s old as shit (released back in 2001), but maybe some of you haven’t heard it or forgot about it.

Two of the best melodic hardcore bands around, Santa Cruz’s Good Riddance and New York’s Kill Your Idols teamed up for a 7 song split.  Good Riddance kicks things off with 4 songs of their melodic punk rock which sounds like classic Good Riddance: fast, catchy, and and polished.  Every song on their side is solid, with “Queen And John” or “Grandstanding From The Cheap Seats” being my two favorites.

Kill Your Idols on the other hand, much like the east coast in general is much more rough around the edges and is the side I find myself listening to the most often.  With just 3 songs, even with their large catalog, these will still occasionally make it into their setlist on the rare occasion when they play live.  While Good Riddance leans more on the melodic punk side of things, Kill Your Idols tends to lean more on the hardcore side.

Some of my favorite songs by Kill Your Idols is on this split (especially “I Told You So”), and if you’re into melodic hardcore/punk at all, it’s damn worth your time.  I’m just here reminding you it exists and you should probably give it a spin.

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