Phobia Live In Philadelphia (9/10/17)

Last night, after an incredibly long weekend in Atlantic City and running on minimal sleep, I headed out to my favorite Philly dive The Barbary for a late show to see influential grindcore band Phobia.  I got to the Barbary right towards the end of Coffin Dust’s set, who if you dig metal is definitely worth checking out.  I didn’t catch a lot of their set but I was pretty blown away by the little I did see, and I’m not even a really big metal fan.

The place was surprisingly empty, with only a handful of people there sticking around to see Phobia, which is a shame considering they throw on a fucking killer show.  It probably had to do with the fact it was such a late show mixed with it being Sunday night and Dead Cross playing Union Transfer (Mike Patton’s project with members of The Locust, Retox, and Slayer).   That said, it didn’t put a damper on Phobia at all, who played as tight and heavy as ever. Phobia is able to remain completely chaotic and yet technically precise through their calculated wall of sound, something many bands fail to do when playing live.  Coming fresh off releasing their latest album Lifeless God over the summer, the set had plenty of the new songs and they sounded fantastic (I picked up the album at the show, and let me say it’s a complete ripper).   Really glad I got to catch them on their last day of tour, Phobia is a must for any grind fan.


Out From The Ashes
So Full Of Hate
Blind Arrogance
Corpse Slayer
Means Of Existence
Fuck Power Violence
Beer Brake
Party In Hell
Selfish Minds
Sick Life (I think)
Rise Up
Submission Hold
Ailing Addiction
Killed It
Rape Theft Murder
Taxes At Work

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