Teenage Bottlerocket – Stealing The Covers

Unless your name is Me First And The Gimme Gimmes* I’m incredibly skeptical of any album consisting completely of punk covers.  It always seems like a cop-out or a cash grab.  So even though I’m a pretty big Teenage Bottlerocket fan, when I first heard about the Wyoming punks releasing Stealing The Covers on Fat Wreck, I wasn’t exactly expecting much.  I was pleasantly surprised though, as I find myself thoroughly enjoying the album and listening to it all the damn time.

A few things separate Steal The Covers from the rest of your run of the mill, typical punk cover album.  Firstly, chances are you haven’t heard the majority of the bands on here, as most of them are smaller pop-punk bands members of Teenage Bottlerocket liked, played with, etc, so for most of you (and me), these songs seem like brand new songs.

Secondly, the songs are damn good and you wouldn’t know they were covers if the band didn’t explicitly tell you.  In fact, when Fat Mike first heard the album, he called the band and told them it was much better than the last few albums they made, not realizing the songs were covers (or also probable: Fat Mike just being a dick).  There are some solid stand out tracks on here, personal favorites are RoboCop Is A Half Breed Sellout,  No Hugging No Learning, and Back and Forth.

If you’re a Teenage Bottlerocket fan, you’ll dig Steal The Covers, I actually like it more than I liked Tales From Wyoming, and you may find some new bands you like from this compilation of covers.

*Less Than Jake’s Greased is also an exception.


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