Propagandhi, Iron Chic Live In Philly (10/18/17)

Fun fact: when I was just a pissed off youth in early high school right around when Today’s Empire, Tomorrow’s Ashes came out in 2001, I wrote to Propagandhi asking them to please come play a show in the northeast US, to which they essentially said that one of these days, they will.  It wasn’t until 8 years later, when the band was touring on the release of Supporting Caste that I finally got to see them.  I literally snuck out of work, walked over to The Trocadero and made sure to buy a ticket as soon as they went on sale (to which the ticketing rep made fun of me as I bought the very first ticket).

Fast forward a few years later, and Propagandhi is still one of the best punk bands around.  I’ve been listening to their latest release Victory Lap pretty much daily since it came out, and I was incredibly excited to finally hear the songs live.  I got to Philly’s Union Transfer right before Iron Chic started, and the place was decently filled for a Wednesday night but not sold out.

Iron Chic:

For one reason or another, I actually never listened to Iron Chic before even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’ve always seen these Long Island punks compared to bands such as Dear Landlord and Timeshares, but their live show reminded me more of The Menzingers meets Hot Water Music.  I went back to listen to some of their recorded stuff, and I could see the comparisons but the live set was definitely heavier than their LPs.

Iron Chic played a fun and tight set with plenty of people in the crowd singing along, and it seemed there were a decent amount of people there just to catch them.


Video by youtube user rob washburn

The Winnipeg (and Florida) punks took the stage to a roar of applause before announcing “Alright people! It’s time to have a rock and roll party tonight, here we go!” and kicking straight into “Failed Imagineer” off their latest album Victory Lap.  The band didn’t let up as they tore into “Dear Coach’s Corner” immediately afterwards.

Playing a set very heavy on their latest album Victory Lap (which if you haven’t listened to yet, do yourself a favor and buy it… it’s a fucking ripper), Propagandhi threw in a few from all of their older albums as well with songs such as “Back To The Motor League” and “…And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea” getting the biggest crowd responses of the night.  Keeping the stage banter to a minimum, Propagandhi let their songs do the talking for them (Less Talk More Rock?) and the band completely nailed every technical riff with precision.

Easily one of the best and most talented punk bands around, Propagandhi hasn’t slowed down at all over the years and their message has only grown more important with the fucked up state of the world these days.

Failed Imagineer
Dear Coach’s Corner
A Speculative Fiction
Cop Just Out Of Frame
When All Your Fears Collide
Note To Self
Back To The Motor League
Fuck The Border
Lower Order (A Good Laugh)
…And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea
Without Love
Purina Hall Of Fame
Adventures In Zoochosis

Victory Lap
Night Letters
Apparently I’m A P.C Fascist

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