PEARS/Direct Hit – Human Movement

Fuck you! Get pumped!  Milwaukee based pop-punk dudes Direct Hit recently teamed up with New Orleans melodic hardcore punks PEARS to release Human Movement, a split just released earlier last week on Fat Wreck.  Any reader of this site knows I’m a pretty big fan of both of these bands, with PEARS being one of my favorite and most played bands, so I was really stoked to be hearing this one. Consisting of 6 songs from each band (with one of them being a cover of the other band), with Direct Hit’s pop-punk with some occasional hardcore leanings (just check out their split with Hold Tight) mixed with PEARS melodic hardcore with the perfectly timed pop-punk melody, throwing these two bands on the same split just makes sense.

Direct Hit kicks things off with a minute long hardcore ripper “You Got What You Asked For” similar to their other hardcore songs like “We’re Fucked”, and as someone who always preferred their heavier songs (and Galactic Cannibal, fuck I loved that side-project) it was awesome to hear them return to this style.  Direct Hit immediately switches things up with a pop-punk and catchy song called “Blood On Your Tongue” which sounds like it could have easily been off Brainless God or their last album Wasted Mind.  They then follow it with the poppier “Open Your Mind” and “Shifting The Blame”, two songs that anyone who is a fan of the albums mentioned will love before covering PEARS “You’re Boring” and closing it out with another solid hardcore song.

I’ve said it before on here, but I really think PEARS is one of the most underrated bands around, at least here in Philly.  Every time I’ve seen them, there aren’t many people there, and those that are never seem to really know any of their songs (as was true when I caught them a few weeks ago here) which is a damn shame, because they completely fucking slay it and are one of the most energetic bands live, and even on their records as well.  Their side on Human Movement is no exception.

PEARS kicks things off hard with “Hey There Begonia”, a scathing hardcore song tackling gentrification that (like most PEARS songs) manages to be incredibly catchy at the same time with their melodic hooks and breakdowns.  PEARS pulls no punches as they then rip into “Mollusk Mouth”, a song with a thrash-riff intro that reminds me a lot of Propagandhi (which in never a bad thing).  Following it with the poppiest song on their side and also the closest thing to a single off the album, “Arduous Angel” before ripping into the incredibly cynical Misery Conquers The World.  PEARS does something a bit differently on their Direct Hit cover, where they take the music of “The World Is Ending” and mixes it with the lyrics of “Buried Alive”, both from Brainless God before closing out with arguably the heaviest song on the album “Never Now”.

Human Movement is a must for a fan of either of the bands, as both sides are incredibly solid, and one of those rare splits where both sides are pretty damn good.  Definitely a must if you dig pop-punk or melodic hardcore, give it a listen.

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