Swingin Utters Live In Philly (11/10/17)

Damn…I’m a bit late on this, but I wanted to post about it anyway so fuck it.  A few weeks back I headed to Philly’s center city bar Milkboy in order to catch San Francisco punk veterans Swingin Utters.

Even though it was a Friday night, I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of crowd size, as last time I caught them not many people seemed to really know them during the Fat Wreck anniversary tour a few years back.  Add the fact that there were a bunch of other punk shows happening in the city all on the same night, I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised to find the narrow bar pretty packed out.

In my opinion, Swingin Utters are criminally underrated.  With their no bullshit, rock and roll infused street punk, they write some of the catchiest songs, play an energetic show and are one of the bands I probably listen to the most.

Video by youtube user: Phillies Bob

The band kicked things off with “Pills and Smoke” and tore through a lively set with singer Johnny jumping and dancing all over the stage.  With over 8 studio albums it must be daunting to pick what songs to play live, but they managed to play songs off every album, from their 1995 The Streets Of San Francisco through their 2014 Fistful Of Hollow.  The set was a bit of a whirlwind as they played crowd favorites such as “Windspitting Punk”,”Tell Them Told You So” and “Untitled 21” (ok… not sure if that one is a crowd favorite, it’s just my personal favorite).

A hell of a show, Swingin’ Utters is one of the best live punk bands around, and being on the east coast I don’t really get to see them very often.  If they come around your area definitely go see them, and if you haven’t listened to them before, they’re actually releasing a compilation album of 33 songs spanning from all their albums called Drowning In The Sea, Rising In The Sun on Fat Wreck next month which would serve as an excellent introductory point to the band.  Or you know… just go get Five Lessons Learned or a Fistful Of Hollow.   A must if you like bands such as The Bouncing Souls or The Street Dogs.

Pills And Smoke
Kick It Over
The Librarians Are Hiding Something
Tell Them Told You So
No Eager Men
Windspitting Punk
As You Start Leaving
Taking The Long Way
Fistful Of Hollow
Stupid Lullabies
London Drunk
Untitled 21
Brand New Lungs
Beached Sailor
15th and T
Five Lessons Learned
The Dirty Sea
Next In Line

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