Converge Live In Philly (12/16/17)

For as long as I’ve been listening to Converge (some time around when Jane Doe came out, early 00s), it’s pretty astonishing that I’m only seeing them for the first time in 2017.  On a chilly Saturday night, I headed to Philly’s Union Transfer to catch the Massachusetts metal-tinged hardcore band wrapping up their tour in support of their latest album The Dusk In Us.

Union Transfer wasn’t sold out, but there were a decent amount of people there and the place erupted as soon as Bannon and company took the stage opening with The Dusk In Us closer Reptilian, which had the crowd moving immediately.  They ripped through a few more new ones including Under Duress, A Single Tear, and Arkhipov Calm before kicking into Dark Horse.  While the majority of the set consisted of the new album, they threw in two songs each from most of their older albums as well, including one of my personal favorites The Broken Vow.

They kept stage banter to a minimum, only stopping a bit to either thank the crowd or to introduce a song, cramming a decent amount in their alloted time.  One thing that I was incredibly impressed by was just how damn tight they sounded.  I was blown away by just how much of a wall of sound and noise Converge can make, play fast as shit yet nail each note and hit every beat… and Jacob Bannon definitely doesn’t hold back either.

Easily one of the most impressive shows I’ve been to, Converge completely slays live.  If you haven’t checked out the new album yet, go grab it or listen below.

Under Duress
A Single Tear
Arkhipov Calm
Dark Horse
Aimless Arrow
Empty On The Inside
The Dusk In Us
Eye Of The Quarrel
Broken By Light
Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
I Can Tell You About Pain
Eagles Become Vultures
The Broken Vow
Last Light



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