The Dopamines – Tales Of Interest (For fans of Direct Hit, The Copyrights, Off With Their Heads)

If I had to accurately describe my reaction in one word after listening to The Dopamines Tales Of Interest, it could be summed up as this: “Whoa.”  The fourth studio album and the first in 5 years from these Cincinnati, Ohio punks, I’ll admit that Tales Of Interest (yes, it’s a Futurama reference) sort of flew under my radar last year (I have since updated my top 10 punk albums of 2017 list) but I’ve been listening to it pretty much nonstop.  Looking around, it seems like a lot of other punk fans slept on this album as well which is a damn shame.

From opener instrumental “Kalte Ente” you know exactly what you’re going to get: loud, fast, and addictive punk rock. With 14 songs in about 33 minutes, Tales Of Interest is an incredibly cohesive album as a whole without a single weak track on it.  Similar to bands such as The Copyrights, The Dopamines manage to deliver catchy pop-punk melodies with sing-along choruses without sacrificing any of their aggression.

Self described as “an exorcism on vinyl”, the lyrics are gut-wretchedly honest.  Whether it’s the retrospective breakup song “Ire” or the all too relatable “Business Papers”, a song about trying to find your place while staying young and reckless and falling into a career but not really feeling settled in either them.

Tales Of Interest is a must for any fans of catchy straight forward upbeat sounding punk (yet with darker, depressing lyrics).  If you like bands such as The Copyrights or Off With Their Heads, give The Dopamines a listen.

Favorite songs: Business Papers, Common Rue, 083133, Kaltes End


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