Static Radio NJ Live In Philly (1/27/18)

Ever have a moment that just hits you when you realize how much time flies by?  I’ve been listening to Static Radio NJ ever since their 7 songs in 10 ten minutes hardcore EP One For The Good Guys came out, and I just realized that was nearly 11 years ago now…in fact, the EP was one of the earlier posts I’ve made on this little ol blog… you know back when blogs were still a thing.

I used to see Static Radio NJ all the time as they were always in Philly, whether opening for The Bouncing Souls, playing small dive bars or the occasional house shows right up to when they announced they were breaking up about 6 years ago (and time is a funny thing, as it feels both like just yesterday and ages ago that I was constantly seeing them play).  And while they’ve done the very occasional Fest reunion show, I never got a chance to see them again and thought I missed my chance… so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that they were playing again at Philly’s Pharmacy.

Static Radio NJ was always criminally underrated in my opinion (and no I’m not just saying that because I’m a NJ native) and all their stuff is solid with their early heavy hitting Kid Dynamite influenced hardcore through their later releases where they started to sound a lot more like Lifetime.  So when I headed to Philly’s Pharmacy, I wasn’t really sure what to expect as far as if people would show up or not.

Much to my surprise, the small room was filling and getting pretty packed out once Static Radio NJ started setting up.  The band took the floor, announced it’s been a long time since they’ve played Philly, and had plenty of us singing along immediately.  The NJ punks sounded as tight as ever, and I was stoked to hear some of their older hardcore songs off One For The Good Guys (my personal favorite release still), as even when they were still actively playing they didn’t really play any off that anymore.

I didn’t realize it, but apparently Static Radio NJ released a new EP a few months ago called Resentiments and played a bunch off of that as well.  The songs sounded somewhere in between the melodic hardcore of An Evening Of Bad Decisions and grungier influenced We Are All Beasts.  I was digging them and definitely need to give Resentiments a listen, you can check it out over at their label Black Numbers bandcamp.

A fun show, I was glad I finally got to see them again.  Like I said previously I think they are incredibly underrated, and hopefully with the release of the EP and a few east coast shows, they’ll be a bit more active again.

One For The Good Guys
Stand Aside
Green Hoody
Wake Up
Favorite Name
Incestuous Friends


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