Open City, Pinkwash, Kilamanzego Live In Philly (2/3/18)

I’m a little behind on posts, and have a bunch of shows I want to post about as February has been a busy month for me (and the city of Philadelphia as a whole).

I headed out to a little rad spot here in Philly called Danny’s Place to catch local hardcore band Open City.   I’ve never been to the venue before so wasn’t really sure what to expect: a house show, a bar, some random bike shop that lets shows happen there?  Turns out it was a pretty cool bar/speakeasy (I’m still not actually sure to be honest), and the perfect spot for an inexpensive DIY show.  I got there a bit late, right as Downtrodder was finishing up their set, and made it in time for Kilamanzego.  (PS: while I was running late and missed most of Downtrodder, they’re definitely worth your time, blistering local Philly hardcore that you can check out here)


I’ve never heard of Philly’s Kilamanzego before, and the one woman experimental electronic artist is not usually one you would see booked at a hardcore show, but at a small DIY show Kilamanzego fit right in.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really a big fan of most electronic music, but I was actually really digging her set and music.  Taking influence from traditional Ghanaian instrumentation and mixing it with the ambiance of synth, the songs are really chill, dance-able and relaxing at the same time.  If you dig electronic or just looking for something a bit different, give Kilamanzego a listen.



Next up were West Philly’s Pinkwash, a punk two piece consisting of just a drummer and vocalist.  I’ve caught them open for bands before, and this was definitely one of the heavier sets I’ve seen from them.  Playing noisy, grungy post-punk, Pinkwash always reminded me a bit of if you mixed the The Melvins with At The Drive In.  Ferocious and loud, Pinkwash played an energetic tight and heavy set with their wall of sound.  If you like your punk a little more “prog”, definitely check Pinkwash out.

Open City:

If you’ve been sleeping on Philly’s Open City, you’re fucking up. Featuring Dan Yemin and Andy Nelson of Paint It Black, Rachel Rubino of Bridge and Tunnel, and Chris Wilson of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Open City’s self titled album was one of the best of 2017, mixing hardcore in the veins of Paint It Black while wearing more melodic influences such as Dag Nasty or early Husker Du on their sleeves.

I try to catch them every time they play their hometown, and they’ve never failed to put on a solid and energetic show.  Open City is always entertaining to watch as vocalist Rachel is all over the place running through the crowd while constantly switching from pissed off screaming to melodic singing socially charged lyrics, while Dan and Andy flail their guitars around on stage.

They don’t extensively tour although according to their Facebook page are working on a few out of town dates, so if you’re lucky enough to be in an area where they’re playing definitely go and catch them.  Or at the very least, check out their Self Titled and their (relatively) newly released 7 inch City Of Ash, they both are complete rippers.

City Of Ash
Hell Hath No Fury
Who’s God?
Sofa Drugs
Brother, I’m Getting Nowhere
For Shame
Nerve Center
Black Veils
On The Spit
A Condition Worth A Mention

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