American Nightmare, Pissed Jeans Live In Philly (2/16/18)

A couple weekends ago, I headed to Philly’s Union Transfer to catch one of my favorite hardcore bands around, American Nightmare. I’ve been a fan of them ever since I first caught them play with The Hope Conspiracy sometime in 2003, headed up to Boston to catch their first reunion show a few years back, and have been trying to catch them any time they come around.

Union Transfer was pretty full and crowded, but it wasn’t sold out, and I got there right as Pissed Jeans were setting up.

Pissed Jeans

I’ve never really listened to Allentown, PA’s Pissed Jeans before, but as a semi-local band (Allentown isn’t terribly far from Philly) they had a pretty big crowd there just for them, and Pissed Jeans put on a hell of a show. Loud, noisy, sludgy hardcore, at times Pissed Jeans reminded me a bit of what Nirvana’s Bleach would have sounded like if it were a hardcore album.

Incredibly entertaining, singer Matt Korvette was all over the place, rocking a belly shirt while joking with the crowd that they thought they hired more people to mosh during their songs. Their sludgy hardcore definitely made me a fan (ok it was the belly shirt), and I need to go and check out some of their releases. Recommended if you wish your hardcore was a bit more influences by bands like The Melvins or early Husker Du.

American Nightmare

Video by Hate5Six

As I stated earlier, I’ve been listening to Boston’s American Nightmare ever since I was a pissed off, angry, angsty teen and still regularly listen to them as a pissed off, angry, slightly less angsty adult in my 30s. While their earlier shows were always billed as the occasional spin-off or reunion show, the Philly show coincided with the release date of their EP, the first new recorded album from the band in 15 years.

Since their new album was released the day of the show, they played plenty off the new album (which I still need to post a review for) and the new songs sounded pretty tight live, although not many people knew them yet.  American Nightmare took the stage and opened with two newer ones (The World Is Blue and Flowers Under Siege) before ripping into Hearts.  They played a solid set of songs mixing from all of their albums, and the new songs didn’t seem out of place at all with their older stuff.

One common complaint I’ve read online is that Wes doesn’t really scream anymore or that he doesn’t have the same throat destroying scream he used to like on their early albums or when he was with Some Girls.  It’s true, Wes has a new approach to the vocals and instead of shrieking he opts to shouting/yelling the lyrics now, and I know that turns some people off, but they still throw a really fun and energetic live show and this was easily the tightest I’ve seen them do since I saw their first reunion show.

The World Is Blue
Flowers Under Siege
Love American
Shoplifting In A Ghost Town
I Saved Latin
American Death
Postmark My Compass
Gloom Forever
Lower Than Life
There’s A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
Crisis Of Faith

(We Are)

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