Rat Cage – Caged Like Rats 7″ (For fans of Government Warning, Career Suicide)

Rat Cage’s Caged Like Rats is so damn hard hitting and has more ferocity than most bands these days, I was completely shocked to learn that it was actually a one man project from Sheffield, UK’s Bryan J. Suddaby.   Playing guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and backup vocals on the 6 song EP, Caged Like Rats is blistering, pissed off, politically charged d-beat influenced hardcore punk in the veins of bands such as Government Warning and Career Suicide.

Not a single one of these tracks ever hit the 2 minute mark, so you know exactly what you’re in for: adrenaline junkie hardcore played the way hardcore was meant to be played.


Favorite Tracks: Pressure Pot, No Consolation

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