Exodus, Municipal Waste Live In Philly (3/8/18)

Last week, as a last minute decision I headed down to Philly’s TLA to catch crossover thrash kings Municipal Waste play with one of the biggest influences to American thrash Exodus.  The show was actually billed as Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles Trash-Tacular tour… I had no idea what the fuck Mr. Pickles is, but learned it’s a dark comedy on Adult Swim about a family dog that is secretly a demonic serial killer (sounds about right for Adult Swim).  While it may seem strange that they would throw a thrash tour, it’s actually not too surprising from the same network that aired the metal show Metalocalypse and created a record label that even signed punk band Cerebral Ballzy.

I got to the TLA right as Municipal Waste was setting up, and I was expecting them to do more for the whole Mr. Pickles thing, but they really only showed a 30 second trailer for the next season before Municipal Waste took the stage.

Municipal Waste:

Video from youtube user lordofthe80s
 I’ve been listening to and have seen Richmond, Virginia’s Municipal Waste a bunch over the years, and they’ve always thrown fun shows (especially at the First Unitarian where people were always armed with boogie boards).  It’s been a good 6 years since I’ve seen them last though right after the release of The Fatal Feast.

I’ll be completely honest, while I don’t think Massive Aggressive or The Fatal Feast were bad albums by any means, they just didn’t hook me as much as Waste Em All, Hazardous Mutations, and The Art Of Partying.  I saw that they were pulling a lot of songs from their older albums so I definitely wanted to catch them this time around, and hear the new songs off of their latest album released last year Slime and Punishment.

Municipal Waste took the stage, and opened with “Breath Grease”, the opener on Slime and Punishment before following it up with “Mind Eraser.”  Municipal Waste sounded really solid and tight live as usual, and put on a hell of a set with plenty of people circle pitting throughout the entirety.  One of the highlights was when Valient Himself from Valient Thorr came up to do vocals on “Substitute Creature”, or when the band announced that you can’t have a wall of death as the opener of Exodus as that’s just disrespectful, so they encouraged a tidal wave of nonstop crowd surfing during “Parole Violators”.  A fun set as usual with plenty older songs thrown in, I need to give Slime and Punishment a listen, somehow it flew under my radar.

Breathe Grease
Mind Eraser
You’re Cut Off
Unleash The Bastards
Sadistic Magician
Bourbon Discipline
Beer Pressure
Thrashin’s My Business and Business Is Good
I Want To Kill The President
Black Ice
Poison The Preacher
Amateur Sketch
Slime And Punishment
The Thrashin Of Christ
Substitute Creature
Parole Violators
Headbanger Face Rip
The Art Of Partying
Born To Party


Video from youtube user lordofthe80s
I don’t listen to metal very often, but when I do I definitely prefer thrash metal.  Thrash metal is one of those genres that I don’t dive into very deeply but do enjoy it when I see it or listen to it, probably because it has the same speed and energy as punk/hardcore which keeps an ADHD adrenaline junkie like myself interested.

Exodus is one of those bands that I do listen to occasionally (mostly their first album Bonded By Blood), and it always surprised me that the Bay Area thrash dudes weren’t ever considered to be part of the big four of thrash (for our non-metal fans that would include Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth).  Touring with their original guitarist, drummer, and singer Steve Souza who joined the band back around the release of their 1987 2nd full length release Pleasures Of The Flesh.  

Exodus took the stage to a rowdy crowd, and completely shred as they opened with “Bonded By Blood”.   They played a set heavy with their older songs with a large chunk from Bonded By Blood which had the crowd moving most of the night (with “Toxic Waltz” from Fabulous Disaster easily getting the biggest reaction of the night.)  Exodus definitely still throws a fun, heavy as fuck and tight as all hell sounding set.

Bonded By Blood
Blood In, Blood Out
And Then There Were None
Fabulous Disaster
Body Harvest
Metal Command
A Lesson In Violence
War Is My Shepard
The Toxic Waltz
Strike Of The Beast

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