Tsunami Bomb Live In Philly (5/16/18)

On May 16th (uhh happy belated Lagwagon day), I headed to Philly’s small dive bar Kung Fu Necktie to catch the new interation of California punks Tsunami Bomb.  I was running really late and missed the openers, but the small room was decently filled for a late Wednesday night.  This was the first show of a slew of East coast tour dates for the band, consisting of long time members Sparks, Davi, Lindeman, and semi recent new members singer Jacobi and guitarist Pohl, which is the same lineup they toured with last year as well.

It’s been beaten to death already, but I still see people talking about it online and some people were unaware, so lets just kick the white elephant the fuck out of the room immediately.  I know a lot of people are skeptical about them reuniting (although it’s been 3 years at this point) and singer Agent M opting out (who’s busy with her own project Survival Guide), I was too last year when I was debating going to see them for the first time with the new lineup.  However singer Jacobi does a phenomenal job and I had a lot of fun last time, so if you’re hesitant I recommend going and drawing your own conclusions.

Ok now with that out of the way, on to the show itself.  Tsunami Bomb definitely seemed to have evolved a lot since the last time I saw them play Kung Fu Necktie last summer.  Jacobi seems much more comfortable on stage and her role as lead vocalist, and the band seems entirely comfortable with each other.  The band sounds more raw and heavier, tapping more into their punk roots.  Further proving this is the 3 new songs they played, which are probably some of the heaviest songs Tsunami Bomb has played, so I’m excited to hear the album or EP that they hopefully end up releasing.

Playing plenty of older classics with a heavy emphasis on EP The Invasion From Within, Tsunami Bomb had plenty of us singing along throughout the entirety of their set.  Even throwing in one from their very first split release B Movie Queens, Tsunami Bomb played a fun and energetic set with Jacobi and Sparks jumping in the crowd and Davi jumping around stage (while simultaneously trying not to die from smashing into the large fan on the side of the stage).

Take The Reins
Say It If You Mean It
El Diablo
No One’s Looking
The Invasion From Within
Not Forever

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