Municipal Waste, Galactic Empire Live At Neshaminy Creek Brewery (6/9/18)

This past Saturday on a warm afternoon, I headed to Neshaminy Creek Brewery right outside of Philadelphia for their 6th year birthday show, headlined by Richmond crossover thrash dudes Municipal Waste.  It was a busy event, held outside with a flea market inside that drew an eclectic crowd… from punk and metal fans to families with toddlers and dogs who live in the area stopping by to see what the fuss was all about.  I unfortunately was running late and missed 90s NY hardcore band Burn, who I would have liked to see.  I made it there right as Galactic Empire was setting up.

Galactic Empire

Do you just so happen to be obsessed with Star Wars but often think “this soundtrack is cool and all, but it IS a little soft, and would be so much better if played as prog metal ballads”?  Well then you’re in luck!  Galactic Empire does exactly that, playing covers of themes from the movies as if the soundtrack was composed by Iron Maiden.

Donning full evil empire (although guitarist Vader would have you believe they’re just misunderstood) costumes, the band tore through their set while throwing out Star Wars themed inflatables (it’s some ship, I’m not even going to try to guess which one because I’ll definitely end up pissing off some nerds).  Slightly cheesy but fun, Galactic Empire definitely has the musical chops to back it up.

Confession:  I never actually have seen the Star Wars movies, but I did see Galactic Empire… and I’m counting it so you can fuck right off.

Municipal Waste

I’ve caught Municipal Waste a bunch over the years (including pretty recently back in March with Exodus) and while they never fail to throw a fun show, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as far the crowd considering the amount of toddlers, families, and people you usually wouldn’t see at thrash shows there.  But as the band set up and “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up” chants rang through the crowd, I had a pretty good feeling.  My feelings were confirmed from the moment the band took the stage opening with “Breathe Grease”, as a huge circle pit formed and had people stage diving throughout the set.

Playing a set heavy on both their latest release Slime And Punishment (which I haven’t had a chance to post about but really dig) and The Art Of Partying, Municipal Waste threw in plenty from Hazardous Mutations and a few older ones too including “Haunted Junkyard” off their split with Crucial Unit, which they’ve said they haven’t played in nearly 16 years.  Sounding as tight as ever, I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a circle pitting in a long time.

Breathe Grease
Mind Eraser
You’re Cut Off
Unleash The Bastards
Sadistic Magician
Bourbon Discipline
Beer Pressure
Thrashin’ Is My Business…and Business Is Good
I Want To Kill The President
Black Ice
Poison The Preacher
Amateur Sketch
Intro from Hazardous Mutations
Slime And Punishment
The Thrashin’ Of Christ
Parole Violators
Haunted Junkyard
Headbanger Face Rip
Born To Party


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