Beach Rats, Fuck It I Quit Live In Philly (7/22/18)

I sort of hate the term supergroup, but there really isn’t any better way to describe the newly formed Beach Rats, featuring Pete and Bryan from The Bouncing Souls, Ari from Lifetime, and Brian Baker from Minor Threat/Dag Nasty/Bad Religion.  When I saw that they were playing their 2nd show ever at Philly’s intimate PHILAMOCA, I knew I had to check it out.

I got to the art space, and the place was actually much more packed than I expected for a Sunday night show headlined by a band that hasn’t even released any music yet (their EP Wasted Time comes out on the 7/27).  I unfortunately missed openers Luxe but got there in time for Fuck It I Quit.

Fuck It I Quit:
As someone who grew up a punk/hardcore fan in NJ throughout my formative years, of course I used to be a big fan of the hardcore band Ensign.  I never heard of Fuck It I Quit before, but was excited to see them after learning that they were fronted by Ensign vocalist Tim Shaw.

Vegan anarchopunk, Fuck It I Quit plays heavy hitting and noisy no frills hardcore.  Taking the stage to a lecture of the  consequences that a meat based diet has on our environment, Fuck It I Quit is certainly not shy when it comes to voicing their opinion.

The band played an aggressive and quick set, with Tim opting for the floor instead of standing on stage as he belted out politically charged lyrics tackling the fucked up state of our country and world.  They didn’t really take any time between songs, just fitting in as many under one minute blast beat jams in as possible.

I was digging their set, and definitely am going to be checking out some of their albums.  If you like bands such as Anti-Sect or Behind Enemy Lines, Fuck It I Quit is right up your alley.

Beach Rats:

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As I stated previously, Beach Rats are a brand new band that formed after members of The Bouncing Souls and Lifetime played a hardcore set for the Dave Franklin (Vision) Memorial Show, and they decided they wanted to play straight forward hardcore.  They got in touch with Brian Baker, and here they are with an EP coming out on Bridge Nine Records in a few days.  As it’s impossible to grow up in Jersey in the 90s and not have The Bouncing Souls and Lifetime be two of your most influential bands, I was stoked to finally get a chance to check them out after hearing about the project for months.

This shouldn’t be shocking considering who the band consists of, but Beach Rats plays melodic hardcore similar to Lifetime, but focusing more on the hardcore aspect, but with Ari’s vocals.  When I first heard the single they released “Lonely For The Night”, it didn’t grab me immediately, but it grew on me, and after listening to the EP I picked up at the show, I definitely do dig it (review coming soon).

They were much heavier live than recorded, and they blasted through a quick set of their 5 songs, finishing in around 10 minutes.  Some people were disappointed that there weren’t any covers played, but honestly I really respect that they are trying to have this band do it’s own thing without leaning too heavily on their punk rock pedigree.

A fun, tight set, I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes from the Jersey punks.

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