Paint It Black Live In Asbury Park (8/3/18)

These days a Paint It Black show is a bit of a rare occurrence, so when the Philly hardcore band announced they’d be playing at Asbury Park’s House Of Independents the day before The Bouncing Souls “Stoked For The Summer” show, I decided to just make a weekend out of it.

Paint It Black

I wasn’t quite sure how it would be seeing Paint It Black at House Of Independents.  While I actually really like the venue, living in Philly for the past decade I’m used to seeing Paint It Black play DIY spots such as church basements, under an overpass, and literally shutting down a block in the heart of center city.  That said, after Asbury Lanes shut down (the REAL Asbury Lanes, not the abomination it has become) House Of Independents is easily the best venue in Asbury Park.  While it has all the makings of a “big” venue (fancy lights, fog machines, etc) the place is actually pretty intimate and didn’t have a barricade.

Paint It Black took the stage and immediately kicked things off with “Greetings Fellow Insomniacs” off of their 2013 EP Invisible before following it up with “Pink Slip” off their 2005 sophomore album Paradise.  Screaming along, pile ons, and stage dives abound, Dan Yemin and company sounded as ferocious as ever as they ripped through their set of their pissed off, no bullshit, no frills hardcore.  Consisting of songs from all of their albums and EPs, the band played a quick yet energetic set, proving that they still throw one of the best hardcore shows around.

Greetings Fellow Insomniac
Pink Slip
Four Deadly Venoms
Past Tense, Future Perfect
Exit Wounds
Womb Envy
Head First
The Ledge
White Kids Dying Of Hunger
Little Fists
Memorial Day
We Will Not
This Song Is Short Because It’s Not Political
Atticus Finch


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