Sick Shit – Thick Spit

I recently caught New Jersey’s hardcore band Sick Shit play in a dingy bar basement in Trenton with PEARS, and I was completely blown away.  So much so, that after catching their set I quickly grabbed their EP Thick Spit.  Released in March this year and recorded in central Jersey (yes it exists you north and south Jersey fucks), the 5 song finishing around 9 minutes EP is nothing short of completely and utterly brutal.

Sick Shit plays no bullshit, no frills hardcore taking plenty of cues from powerviolence as heard on songs such as “Wet Lung” and “Clot” with their frantic blast beats and sludgy breakdowns.  Hectic and chaotic, singer/screamer Sami’s shrieking vocals are incredibly reminiscent of bands such as Punch or Death Rats.

Thick Spit is certainly not for everyone, but if you get down to bands like Punch, old Ceremony, or Coke Bust you really need to check out Sick Shit.

Favorites: Discarded, Cohesive

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