Antagonize – Demo

Like most older hardcore fans, I was pretty devastated when Bane decided to call it quits as they were easily one of my favorites and a mainstay in hardcore.  So it’s a bit surprising that Bane vocalist Aaron Bedard’s latest project Antagonize has mostly been flying under the radar.

Boston’s Antagonize released a 5 song demo back in the spring of 2018 featuring Aaron once again on vocal duties.  Musically, Antagonize plays incredibly heavy, thrashy, and metallic hardcore.  Even though it’s a brand new band, and almost every artist hates having it compared to their previous works, it’s nearly impossible not to compare the two bands.  Antagonize is much heavier, often forgoing the melodies Bane incorporated for a more metallic sound that is much more similar to Converge and The Hope Conspiracy.

If you’re a fan of hardcore in any way, definitely give Antagonize’s demo a listen.  Easily one of the best, overlooked releases of 2018.


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