Bandit – Warsaw

Philly grindcore dudes Bandit are back with their latest EP Warsaw, and it’s some of their most brutal work yet.  Released less than two weeks ago on December 30th, Warsaw is a quick, intense, and heavy-hitting listen that leaves listeners asking “what the fuck just happened?”

Bandit is no stranger to dark, serious subject matter (their last release Self Inflicted dealt with addiction), and Warsaw is no exception.  Loosely based on the horrors the vocalist’s parents went through during World War II under Nazi occupation, and the long lasting scars that get passed down for generations due to the trauma.  This includes child abuse, wishes for revenge, divorce, and survival… a lot to pack in an EP that finishes almost as soon as it startss.

Musically, Warsaw contains eight blistering songs that all clock in under a minute, minus the final song “Czestawova” that ends with a Polish folk song, a calming yet unsettling way to end the EP.  If you’re a fan of bands such as Pig Destroyer or Napalm Death, definitely give Warsaw a listen.  It’s brutal, raw, and one of the heaviest releases of last year.

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