Night Birds – Roll Credits

While pretty much every modern punk band is influenced by Agent Orange and The Dead Kennedys, not too many carry the banner successfully blending surf vibes with ferocious 80s hardcore.  Yet New Jersey’s Night Birds do exactly that, all without sounding completely derivative and managing to keep things fresh. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary as […]

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Sick Shit – Thick Spit

I recently caught New Jersey’s hardcore band Sick Shit play in a dingy bar basement in Trenton with PEARS, and I was completely blown away.  So much so, that after catching their set I quickly grabbed their EP Thick Spit.  Released in March this year and recorded in central Jersey (yes it exists you north […]

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Ceremony Live In Philly (12/19/17)

It’s been a few years since I’ve last seen California’s powerviolence turned post-punk band Ceremony.  When they announced that they would be playing two shows at Philly’s PhilaMOCA (an interesting, intimate space that once served as a showroom for mausoleums) I knew it would sell out quickly so I grabbed a ticket for the first […]

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