David and the Citizens


David and the Citizens are an indie-pop band from Malmö, Sweden. I don’t like Swedish Fish and I assumed this band would be kind of gummy and gross too. But no! They’re as catchy and non-gummy as any band this side of the Atlantic. Not only that, but check out the cool album art (take a lesson Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.) Unfortunately word on the street (lastfm) is that just this month, right before a major tour and their first US appearances everyone but Fridlund (the lead singer) quit the band! Is it true? Will he soldier on alone? I have no idea but I’ll keep my ear to the ground for updates.

David and the Citizens- Graycoated Morning
Fridlund sounds so excitable and agitated I worry he won’t make it through till the end of the song. He always does, probably because there’s a great horn part backing him up and who could walk away from that? Well apparently the rest of the band…

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