Kind of like Spitting


Kind of Like Spitting was an indie-rock band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 1996, the band unfortunately broke up last October. Propelled forth by singer Ben Barnett’s signature whiny vocals, the group played acoustic rock songs. I’d call them “anti-folk” but god I hate that label.

MP3: Kind of Like Spitting: Share the Road
At 1:16 minutes this song whizzes by like the bikers that fly past me on campus. As I drag my pedestrian self from class to class I tell myself that at the age of 21 it’s really time to learn how to ride a bike and I tell myself the same thing when I listen to this song. In the lyrics Barnett races through his problems while out riding his bike. Favorite line: “I put my hands against the tree line, I know it’s read but it still feels fake.”

Bonus Bad Religion cover!
MP3: Kind of Like Spitting- You

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