The Bouncing Souls – For All The Unheard


First off let me note: The Bouncing Souls have been my favorite band for nearly 8 years now, and anytime I post something about them, it will usually be by a per-song basis.
I firmly believe that music is the greatest form of artistic expression. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a song is worth 10,000. The song “For All The Unheard” by the Bouncing Souls really emphasizes this for me. All of us have written a song, whether it was to help us get through a tough time or even if it’s just humming a little melody while taking a shower. “For All The Unheard” is an anthem for each one of these songs we keep to ourself. I can keep talking on and on, but you might as well save me a few thousand words and just listen for yourself.

MP3: Bouncing Souls – For All The Unheard

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