Dillinger Four


Definitely one of the bands I listen to most when I’m skating. Over the summer I broke my finger while listening to them, and while I was in extreme pain, I still couldn’t help but smile to the awesomeness of D4. If I was a kindergarten teacher, Dillinger Four would definitely get a gold sticker star since they claim to be “putting the F back in art”. Take one look at their song titles:

-Who Didn’t Kill Bambi
-The Father, Son, and the Homosexual
-A Floater Left With Pleasure In The Executive
-Farts are Jazz To Assholes

and it’s pretty plain to see, Dillinger Four is one of the funniest bands in punk today. However, under all of the humor, their lyrics do have a message, often criticizing the hypocrisy of “scenes” (“I’d like to sneer in the camera for your revolution, but I just can’t afford the fucking costume”), to the hypocrisy of about everything else. Their songs are fun, catchy, and definitely will bring a smile (or at least a menacing smirk) to your face.

MP3: Dillinger Four – O.K F.M D.O.A
MP3: Dillinger Four – Last Communion

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