Arrah and the Ferns (an interview)

Aquarian Beauty

Arrah and Ferns is a band that Sasha and I and our good friend, Andy have recently become obsessed with. Arrah has this great quirky voice and Carl has wonderful fancy footwork and Dave who is also the only member of whoa bro awesome…a solo drum project, can play multiple recorders at the same time!! We were lucky enough to catch then at The Camel in Richmond, and they got this random dude to come up and rap with Dave on the drums. it was awesome and random. The only thing that bothers me about this band is the fact that both times I was able to see them…the crowd so doesn’t appreciate!! Very annoying. I can’t wait for the day when I go and everyone is into it and not sitting down. Lame-O’s!

So-to the point. I was stalking the band on their myspace and turns out they have an interview! Included is a couple of live clips which are great examples of what they are like up there. I highly highly recommend going to see them…unfortunately tho, their tour is coming to a close but certainly check often on their site or their myspace and you may get lucky!


Interview with Arrah and the Ferns (04/28/07)

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