Lead Singer of Operation Ivy Learns Better Pronunciation


I love Operation Ivy, definitely one of my favorite bands. One of the most distinctive things about Op Ivy is the singers voice, and that is why to this day, years after I’ve listened to Jesse Michaels (lead singer of Op Ivy) other band Common Rider, I am still shocked by how clear the singing is. You can learn more about Common Rider if you want, they are definitely an amazing band, but let’s compare a few songs, shall we?

Common Rider – Conscience Burning
Vs. Operation Ivy – Hoboken

These two songs sound exactly the same… for about the first few seconds. Then, in the Operation Ivy song, he starts yelling about a prison, and then I can’t really understand what the hell he says for the rest of the song besides “Hoboken NJ.” Then I listen to the Common Rider song, and it sounds like a completely different singer. An audible, intelligible singer.

(Hoboken wins because that song kicks ass)

Now as a final piece of evidence: Common Rider – Classics of Love

Unbelievable. Listen to that pronunciation and don’t even try to attempt to sing what he’s rhyming, because you will hurt yourself. I’ve seen many injuries…

Buy: Common Rider
Buy: Operation Ivy

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