Lightning Bolt

Special Guest Blogger- Hotpants Askance:

Lightning Bolt didn’t make a mistake when they made up their band’s name. Made up of two boys named Brian (Gibson and Chippendale) on bass and drums (respectively), Lightning Bolt is a massive, giant, ridiculous fucking kick in your ear. It’s wonderful music to freak out to.

Much like Captain Planet, elemental powers combine to form Lightning Bolt’s sound. But instead of having those stupid rings it’s a bit more like a drum set and a bass playing math-prog-noise metal crap with lots and lots and lots of effects. And volume. Lots and lots of volume.

Unfortunately I missed these boys the last time they came anywhere close to me (Philly, six hours away) as Lightning Bolt, much like jam bands and zoo animals, is best seen live, where they clear out a space on the floor and play in the crowd. Really loud. So bring your earphones. Unless you like tinnitus.

MP3: Lightning Blot- Magic Mountain
MP3: Lightning Blot- Morro Morro Land


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