Armalite Show Review

I went to go see Armalite last night at the First Unitarian Church in Philly, and let me say, it was a sick show.

First up was The Steal hailing from the UK, playing their first show ever in the US. I never heard of these guys before hand, but to my surprise, they put on the best show of the night. The Steal played melodic hardcore along the lines of Kid Dynamite (which they eventually admitted to being their biggest influence, and they were stoked to be sharing the stage with Dan Yemin). They took everything the fans shouted in good humor (ex: “Do a Backflip!” The Steal: “We’re not Yellowcard!”). I managed to grab their setlist:

1. Breakout
2. Waiting for The Simple Life
3. World Wide World
4. Clothing Rack
5. New Friend
6. Living For The Weekend
7. Up In Smoke
8. The Steal
9. Wonderstuff

Next up were the Pink Razors, who I swear I’ve heard of before. Finally, when they went on stage and stated that they were from Richmond, VA, I realized that they were always on the schedule for the Nanci Raygun (R.I.P). Pink Razors play a catchy blend of Pop-Punk (the real stuff), and the first thing I noticed was strong similarities to The Suicide Machine’s War Profiteering is Killing Us All. Mixed male and female vocals blended nicely with their sound, and it was apparent that the Pink Razors were there to have a good time.

MP3: The Pink Razors – Sincerity is So Pretenious

By the time the next band came up, I was starting to get a little bored. Both the Pink Razors and The Steal played solid sets, but I didn’t know any of the songs, and now The Ergs were coming up and I didn’t know anything by them either. They reminded me of The Descendants mixed with Lifetime, both who I like, but am not a huge fan of. Their fans got really into it, and finally broke out into what was the first mosh pit-like (I’m hesitant to call it a mosh pit) of the night. The highlight of their set was a sweet punk cover of that 90’s song “Hey Jealousy”.

Finally, after waiting forever for them to get out of the bathroom, Philly’s own Armalite took the stage. The guitars were having some trouble with feedback, but they managed to get through just fine. In between songs, the band gave some hilarious banter, particulary about how they were worried about us. That we would not have the nutrition to mosh and what not. Therefor, they unveiled the official “Armalite Cookbook”. The band ripped through:

1. Dan’s Hands Melt
2. New Wave
3. Destination: Not At Home
4. Husker Dave
5. When Nice People Think Dumb Things, Attack, And Vote
6. Entitled
7. Unfinished Business
8. Other Entertainers
9. Listed on Setlist as B-Scratch
10. I am Pancreas, Seek To Understand Me

I asked Atom after the show if they’d be playing more shows now (since they NEVER play), and he told me “Probably not. The other guys are all involved with other full-time bands, and I’ve got two little ones to look after now” I then suggested that he go back on tour with the Package, and he just laughed and said “those were good times man….”

Buy: Pink Razors
The Steal

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